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Traditional Lime Rendering
Lime based through colour Render
Thermal Lime Rendering
One coat through coloured systems

Monocouche render is a pre-blended, one coat, cementitious weather resistant, external decorative, through colour render. Factory produced, it only requires the addition of clean water mixed on site. The through colour and one coat characteristics enable a fast effective application, thereby allowing smaller programme periods, thus reducing project costs. This application is most suitable for prepared brick and block work or surfaces that have been removed back to brick work / block work

The benefits of Polymer are:


  • Excellent Waterproofing

  • Superior colour consistency

  • Greater Extended Life Span

Polymer renders come in a wide range of colours and can be finished in different textures, they are pre-blended and only require the addition of clean water to mix them. This ensures the quality of the render remains consistent and ensures a superior finish


20 year guarantee.
One coat for fast application.
Quality assured raw materials.
Factory produced for consistency of proportioning.
Quality assured raw materials.
Large range of colours.
Superior polymer additives improves resistance to cracking.
Permeable, allows the walls to breathe. Micro-porous.
Maintenance free.
Decoration not required for low maintenance.
Reading mixed.
Formulation to be spray applied by render pump for
faster application or Hand trowel applied
The product carries a BBA certificate.


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The term Rendering refers to the equivalent of external plastering. Traditionally, rendering was used to cover poor quality external walls, but in more modern times, has become a highly decorative feature of many buildings.

We offer a range of high quality renders and finishes, designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural finish. Improve the exterior appearance of any property with the use of render, using either tradition methods of sand and cement, or the more economical and cost effective method with the use of our Polymer render, also known as “one coat through coloured systems” such

as Monocouche rendering.


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