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Typically we use reinforced floor screed (containing glass fibre) as our standard screed due to its anti-cracking and anti-shrinkage qualities.

Traditional Sand and Cement floor screed is the most commonly used screed within the building Industry. GC Interfinish are able to either mix the screed onsite, or alternatively to use factory mixed sand and cement floor screeds from trusted suppliers such as Premier Screeds (marshalls), Right Mix, Tarmac or Cemex. Ready-mixed sand and cement screeds that are factory-mixed offer additional quality assurance over site mixed screeds as it guarantee’s consistency of the mix proportions, thus enabling us to apply a uniform floor screed with a superior finish


Flowing screed can be applied over installed electrical and other services in both commercial and domestic buildings using a pump. This system allows large areas to be completed over a short amount of time in comparison to traditional screed making it an attractive option if you have tight deadlines within a construction project.

Disadvantages of flowing screed in comparison to traditional are that they tend to be more expensive if used on small projects, have a lower crush resistance and can be significantly weakened if frequently wet/flooded

Traditional  Floor Screed
Flowing Floor Screed

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Floor Screed

Similarly to Render our Floor Screeding service can be applied traditionally, reinforced, or as a flowing screed

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