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Traditional Lime Render
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Ornamental Plastering
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Lath and plaster is composed of hydrated lime sand and water. Traditional lime plaster typically contains horse hair for reinforcement, typically used for interior partition walls and the construction of ceilings.

Qualities and characteristics:

  • Lime plaster allows a building to breathe, reducing risk of trapped moisture and damage to the building fabric.

  • Lime helps control the humidity inside a building due to its porous texture by absorbing and then releasing moisture reducing mould growth.

  • Traditional lath and plaster has superior sound-proofing qualities when used with lime plaster (which is denser than modern gypsum board).

  • Lath and plaster ceilings have a major role for the prevention of fire spread.

  • Lath is also used for ornamental or unusual shapes. For instance, building a rounded wall would be difficult if drywall were applied.

If you’re looking for large building contractors to handle your commercial renovation and plastering project in the East Midlands’ area then call GC Interfinish Ltd’s team of professionals. Our quality of work and adherence to deadlines is second to none and comes at a very competitive rate.

For any general enquiries you can fill in the form on our Contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.



External lime renders were traditionally applied to protect and camouflage walls built of poor quality materials, for example; porous brick, rubble stone or rough timber. For added protection they were then typically finished with a colour wash or limewash.

Today it is commonly used in the conservation of buildings originally built using lime mortar. Alternatively it can be used to replace ordinary portland cement. It is made principally of lime (hydraulic, or non hydraulic), water and an aggregate such as sand.

Lime putty mortars have significant advantages to cement based mortars for external rendering, especially when decorated with a traditional limewash protecting the finished render work.

Qualities and Characteristics:

  • Accommodates general movement without cracking.
  • Porosity allows the structure to "breathe"
  • Self-healing nature reduces cracking problems



  • General Plaster Moulding

  • Ceiling Roses

  • Cornices

GC Interfinish have a wealth of expertise, along with the appreciation for the architectural importance of conserving the decorative ornamental features within a building.

We pride ourselves on our highly skilled team, enabling us to repair any ornamental feature if that be a ceiling rose restored, decorative ceiling design, or general plaster moulding.

Our skilled craftsmen complete all types of fibrous plaster repairs or even replacements, from small damaged sections of cornice or plaster mouldings needing repair, to a complete room that may need to be re-produced to match existing, recreating plaster mouldings plain or enriched from straight run plaster cornice to elaborate ceilings.


In addition to Traditional Lime rendering, GC Interfinish offers a Lime based colour render, available in a broad spectrum of colours. The selected colour runs throughout the lime based render. Therefore eliminates the need for painting, allowing for a refined, subtle colour tone to the wall, reducing fading and cracking issues which can arise with paint.



The installation of external insulation systems can sometimes be beneficial with Lime render. The system and materials would be confirmed after an initial site visit and consultation with a member of our Heritage team.

External wall insulation systems typically comprise of standard-size insulation boards to the existing wall using Mechanical fixings (sometimes accompanied by adhesive) through to the wall and mesh reinforcement to form a key backing to the Lime render.

Call GC Interfinish Ltd today to discuss your requirements.

Heritage & Restoration

"Preserving our past, protecting our future"

Specialising in the conservation and restoration of many listed buildings, from ordinary walls and ceilings to the most decorative and figurative modelling, proudly restoring an array of prestigious landmarks throughout the UK. Whether you require traditional lime plastering, lime render, lath and plaster, cornice repair or ornamental plastering, we employ a team of highly qualified plasterers with extensive experience in restoration and preservation projects, completing works at Newstead Abbey, St Nicholas Church and Lincoln Castle, to name a few

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