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GC Interfinish offer an extensive range of suspended solutions, grids and accessories for all ceiling suspension requirements depending on the location and setting in which they are to be used, from hospitals, kitchens and warehouses to commercial offices.


Suspended Ceilings customised to your requirements:


  • Noise reduction / Soundproofing (often used in office environments)

  • Dirt resistant (widely used for factories and warehouses)

  • Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Microbial tiles(used in clinical environments such as hospitals)

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Fire Safety

  • Impact Resistant


Featured ceilings have held importance historically, typically used to emphasise and enhance focal points within a room or building, in both modern and heritage settings.

An array of styles and techniques are utilised to create features such as Ceiling roses, Cornices, Box Paneling, Feature Paneling, High Vaulted, Bulk-head, Exposed Beams, Coved, Gyprock, Tongue and Groove, Timber Beam, Raked and Suspended.

GC Interfinish have over 20 years of expertise creating featured ceilings, thus enabling us complete ceilings, from those with a modern minimalistic style to some of the most intricate designs

MF Ceilings
Suspended Ceilings
Featured Ceilings

Our MF ceiling systems are extremely versatile in relation to design and can be specially tailored to your specification, achieving a wide spectrum of shapes and curves, to various levels and lighting options.


  • Individually tailored to an array of aesthetic requirements

  • Boasts exceptional Acoustic performance

  • Offers excellent Thermal properties

  • Provides up to 120 minute Fire Resistance


MF ceiling systems boast very high acoustic properties, typically built with Soundbloc board and insulated for soundproofing an area offering incredibly high acoustic performance.

When constructing our MF ceilings, we can also install specialist boards designed to convert sound energy into heat along with Mineral wool which can be incorporated for enhanced thermal insulation.

MF offers high fire resistance properties when fitted with Fireline plasterboards. This can achieve a fire rating of up to 120 minutes.

The system creates a void above the ceiling for the covering of services such as pipes, cables and ventilation and is also used in the correction of ‘out of level’ ceilings.



Call GC Interfinish Ltd today to discuss your requirements.



Bespoke Ceiling Solutions

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