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Drywall partitions offer great ease in construction and flexibility allowing your architect, or designer to incorporate design features whilst also integrating the practicality of fire and acoustic performance.

The surface of the boards can be taped and jointed to provide a seamless finish, or skim plastered to achieve a more traditional result prior to decoration.


Metal Partitioning is a galvanised steel framed system, offering a simple but complete solution for space division throughout commercial and residential developments. They are often used to perform training rooms, or meeting rooms because of their higher level of sound reduction. The central cavity makes them ideal for integrating plumbing services within kitchen and rest room areas; however they can be used in all types of buildings including private housing, flats and apartments, commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial properties.


Drywall Partitions
Metal Partition Systems
Jumbo Stud Wall Systems
Metsec Systems


Where height & fire is imperative to your partitioning requirements, the jumbo stud partition system would prove to be the solution for you. This is a metal stud system, using a 146mm jumbo stud comprising of one to two layers of board either side. Joints can be taped, filled and painted or be clamped.



Metsec Partitions are another fast track building system used by GC Interfinish Ltd. This high speed construction system offers supreme versatility and will provide complete freedom of design. It’s precision engineered components not only reduce building maintenance and material wastage, but also timescales and project cost.

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GC Interfinish specialise in partitioning installations for commercial, industrial and domestic clients, from office partitioning to factory dividing walls and industrial partitioning, installing high performance, quality systems from trusted suppliers including British Gypsum, Knauf and Siniat.

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